Soccer Bocce
Soccer Bocce Set

What happens when you combine a couple of the greatest things that Italy is famous for...
   A Ferrari covered in Parmesan Cheese?
    The Mario Bros. upgrading to Gucci suits?
      Venice Canals filled to the brim with Gelato?
       How about the latest and greatest game to hit the grass, sand, and gravel...
                                                                                                               SOCCER BOCCETM

    You can ORDER your very own set right now!

Soccer Bocce Sale

 - Kick the balls!
 - Play Indoors or Outside
 - Fun for Everyone
 - Improve your soccer skills
 - Ages 3 to 93 will love it!
 - Graduate from "tossing" bocce
 - Great gift for soccer players


 - 8 Official Soccer Bocce Balls. 4.75inch diameter
 - 1 Durable Carrying Case
 - 1 Pump & Needle to get started
 - 2 Can Coolers for your drinks
 - 1 Tape Measure which is also a handy Bottle Opener
 - 1 Pallino Soccer Ball (target)


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Soccer Bocce

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