Soccer Bocce

What's Included In Every Soccer BocceTM Set?

  - OFFICIAL Soccer BocceTM Balls, 8 of them!
 2 Yellow, 2 Black, 2 White, and 2 Orange/Red
     Each ball is 4.75 inches in diameter
     The balls are high quality mini-soccer balls

  - Target Soccer Designed Pallino
 The target isn't some boring piece of white plastic
     Aim for the stress ball style soccer pallino

  - Pump / Needle
 Since these are real mini soccer balls, you'll need to give them a little air the first time
     The pump and needle come with the game!

  - Durable Carrying Bag
 Each game comes with a carrying case to store all the gear
     The material for the bag is canvas, and the colors may vary. Looks good!

  - Tape Measure that is ALSO a Bottle Opener!
 This thing is perfect for our bocce games!
     3 feet of measuring tape for those close calls. It will also open up bottles!

  - Can Coolers, 2 of them!
 Don't play too long outside without enjoying some cold refreshments
     These can coolers will keep those drinks cold!

  - Instructions for the game
 You play just like normal bocce rules, but you kick the balls instead.
     If you need the detailed Rules For the Games... check out "How to Play"

    You can ORDER your very own set right now!

Soccer Bocce Sale

 - Kick the balls!
 - Play Indoors or Outside
 - Fun for Everyone
 - Improve your soccer skills
 - Ages 3 to 93 will love it!
 - Graduate from "tossing" bocce
 - Great gift for soccer players


 - 8 Official Soccer Bocce Balls. 4.75inch diameter
 - 1 Durable Carrying Case
 - 1 Pump & Needle to get started
 - 2 Can Coolers for your drinks
 - 1 Tape Measure which is also a handy Bottle Opener
 - 1 Pallino Soccer Ball (target)


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Soccer Bocce

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