Soccer Bocce

Where can I get SOCCER BOCCETM ?

 There are a few options...

     1) You can ORDER ONLINE your very own set right now! The game will leave the warehouse the next business day. Shipping is cheap. Click "Shop" up on the top right.

     2) Call up your local Sporting Goods store. Once they pick up, read this aloud:
           "Do you sell Soccer Bocce? It's manufactured by a company called The Day of Games. It's a Bocce-style game but the balls are mini-Soccer balls. Do you have it? [if not] Any chance you will start carrying it?"

     3) Check out The Day of Games Facebook Page. "Like" the page and then stay tuned for giveaways and contests where Soccer BocceTM Sets are sometimes used as prizes!

Soccer Bocce Sale

 - Kick the balls!
 - Play Indoors or Outside
 - Fun for Everyone
 - Improve your soccer skills
 - Ages 3 to 93 will love it!
 - Graduate from "tossing" bocce
 - Great gift for soccer players


 - 8 Official Soccer Bocce Balls. 4.75inch diameter
 - 1 Durable Carrying Case
 - 1 Pump & Needle to get started
 - 2 Can Coolers for your drinks
 - 1 Tape Measure which is also a handy Bottle Opener
 - 1 Pallino Soccer Ball (target)


The Day of Games, LLC is the exclusive distributor of all things Soccer Bocce. If you are interested in carrying this product, or any of our Other Games, please contact

Soccer Bocce

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