Soccer Bocce

How to Play Soccer BocceTM

Kick the big balls (Soccer Bocce) at the little ball (Pallino). Closer is better.
   It's really as simple as that! You get points for every ball that is closest to the target ball, until your opponents ball appears. So... if you have 2 balls close to the target, and then the oppenents ball is the next closest... you get 2 points. Only 1 person/team can score points in a round. For the long winded detailed explanation of the game, please continue....

Soccer Bocce can be played anywhere – Beach, Park, Backyard, Alleyway; pretty much any open area. Just stick to the “Basics” and only kick the Soccer Bocce Balls at the Pallino. Do not kick the Soccer Bocce Balls at anything else.

COURT SIZE (optional) –
Most people just play Soccer Bocce in any open area. The Pallino is tossed and then the Soccer Bocce balls follow. If you are interested in building your own official backyard Soccer Bocce course, then the dimensions are as follows: 13 foot square box, then a 65x13 foot rectangle, then another 13 foot square box. Typically, there are boundary walls created around the entire court.

There are various ways to play "Bocce" style games and many ways to keep score. This is the Day of Games way to play. Soccer Bocce can be played 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, 4 vs. 4 or even 5+ vs. 5+ (if you have enough soccer bocce balls). The rules below describe games played one team vs. another team. This can be 1vs.1, 2vs.2, or 4vs.4. If you would like to play Soccer Bocce Ball with more than 2 teams the rules are very similar but each person gets their own balls to play with rather than partnering up with a teammate. The rest of the rules are the same with regard to scoring, order, and how to play bocce.
Playing in an open area:
1) Decide which team will kick first. Split up the Soccer Bocce Balls so everyone has the same amount.
2) This team will create a line in the playing field and this will act as the foul line. Nobody is allowed to walk past this line until all the Soccer Bocce balls are kicked. If someone crosses the foul line this will result in a negative point! (optional rule)
3) Team drawing the line will toss the Pallino into the field of play
4) This same team will act first and kick a Soccer Bocce ball at the Pallino. Teams then alternate kicks.
5) Once all the Soccer Bocce Balls have been kicked, the scoring of this round takes place. Only one team is allowed to score in each round. A point is awarded for each Soccer Bocce Ball that is closer to the Pallino than the closest ball of the opponents.
6) Optional Rule – Award 2 points to any ball that is touching the Pallino.
7) The game can be played to 11, 21, or any number you come up with. Win by 2 points.

Playing in a court with boundary walls: Same rules apply as above with these additions -
8) The Pallino can't hit the back wall on its initial toss. It can hit the back wall during game play. If it hits the back wall on the toss, it should be tossed again.
9) Kicked Soccer Bocce Balls cannot hit the back wall as a result of a kick. This is considered out of boundaries and the ball is dead. Dead balls should be removed.


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 - Kick the balls!
 - Play Indoors or Outside
 - Fun for Everyone
 - Improve your soccer skills
 - Ages 3 to 93 will love it!
 - Graduate from "tossing" bocce
 - Great gift for soccer players


 - 8 Official Soccer Bocce Balls. 4.75inch diameter
 - 1 Durable Carrying Case
 - 1 Pump & Needle to get started
 - 2 Can Coolers for your drinks
 - 1 Tape Measure which is also a handy Bottle Opener
 - 1 Pallino Soccer Ball (target)


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Soccer Bocce

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