Soccer Bocce

History of Soccer BocceTM
 Both Soccer and Bocce have been around for thousands of years, so I guess it was finally about time for someone to smack the two games together for something unique, enjoyable, and sporty. We at The Day of Games have been itching to produce this game for some time, but we were just too busy! After moving around a hectic schedule, we were finally able to put together the perfect package deal for an affordable Soccer BocceTM set!

Frequently Asked Questions:
 What is this Soccer BocceTM game?
Soccer BocceTM is a new game that has roots from both Bocce and Soccer. It's about 70% Bocce, 20% Soccer, and 10% Awesomeness. Each game is played just like a normal Bocce match, but the balls are kicked instead of tossed. It's incredibly easy to learn and play. The balls are about the same size as standard bocce balls so all ages can play.

 I've never played Soccer or Bocce... can I still play?
   YES! This is one of the easiest games in the world to learn. You'll understand the rules in about 45 seconds.

 How do you play?
   Kick the big balls at the little target ball. It's really as simple as that! You get points for every ball that is closest to the target ball, until your opponents ball appears. So... if you have 2 balls close to the target, and then the oppenents ball is the next closest... you get 2 points. Only 1 person/team can score points in a round. For the long winded detailed explanation of the game, please review the
"How to Play" section.

 Where can I play?
   Outdoors or Indoors. Grass or Sand. Backyard or the Beach. Dirt, Carpet, Gravel, Wood, ANYWHERE*!

  Does this work as an Indoor Bocce Set?
   YES! These balls will not damage the floor or walls. As long as you keep your kicks/tosses under control, this is a great set to be used for indoor bocce. You can even use these to play an old-fashioned game of "tossing bocce"

 Where can I buy the game?
   If you can't find a Sporting Goods store near you that carries the game, you can buy is at the Shop

 What are all those other things that come with the game?
   Lucky you. This set comes with other goodies! 2 Can Coolers, 1 Tape Measure that is also a Bottle Opener, 1 Pump, 1 Needle, and it all comes in a convinient Carrying Case so you can travel with the game. Details here

 Is this a good game for kids?
   YES! This is a great way to help teach your kids how to kick soccer balls with precision. There are small parts included in the game though, so please make sure to keep out of the reach of young ones. If your kid still thinks that sticking random stuff in his/her mouth is cool... then this is not the game for them.

 How many people can play at once?
   1 vs. 1, or 2 vs. 2, or 3 vs. 3, or 4 vs. 4. Or large groups can play against one another if they rotate turns. If playing with only 2 people split up the colors so that one person has Yellow and White, and the other has Red and Black.

 Is it possible to order different colors?
   At this time we only have these colors. If you want more colors, please Contact us!

 What else do I need to know about this game?
   All products by The Day of Games, LLC are covered by a warranty. You can read all about it by checking out the "Disclaimer" link down below.

* - Do not play anywhere unsafe, like streets, edges, or near full field soccer matches. Please use safety precautions before kicking. Don't kick the balls at anyone, make sure the playing area is clear before starting.


    You can ORDER your very own set right now!

Soccer Bocce Sale

 - Kick the balls!
 - Play Indoors or Outside
 - Fun for Everyone
 - Improve your soccer skills
 - Ages 3 to 93 will love it!
 - Graduate from "tossing" bocce
 - Great gift for soccer players


 - 8 Official Soccer Bocce Balls. 4.75inch diameter
 - 1 Durable Carrying Case
 - 1 Pump & Needle to get started
 - 2 Can Coolers for your drinks
 - 1 Tape Measure which is also a handy Bottle Opener
 - 1 Pallino Soccer Ball (target)


The Day of Games, LLC is the exclusive distributor of all things Soccer Bocce. If you are interested in carrying this product, or any of our Other Games, please contact

Soccer Bocce

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