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What is Cornhole?
Cornhole is also commonly known as corn toss, bean bag toss, bags, bean toss, baggo and soft horseshoes. The game is played with 2 teams or 2 individuals throwing bags of corn onto a plywood platform with a hole in it. The object is to land the bags onto the platform, or better yet make them inside the hole.


- Cornhole bags (8) - made of duck cloth canvas, filled with whole kernel corn. 6x6 inch bags. 1 pound each.
- Area of play - alley, beach, parking lot, backyard
- Cornhole boards (2) - 2 foot by 4 foot pieces of plywood which are propped up. A 6 inch diameter hole is cut (9 inches from the top of each board. The board should be angled up so that the top of the board is 13.5 inches above the ground.

How to Build Your Own Cornhole Boards - How to Sew Your Own Cornhole Bags -
Materials to Build -

How Many

What you need to BUY in order to Build Your Cornhole Boards

2 2 foot by 4 foot sheets of plywood. Plywood should be 1/2 inch.
4 8 foot long pieces of wood to use as supports. 8 foot structural 2x4's are standard
8 4 inch carriage bolts along with wingnuts and washers
16 Small nails in order to secure the board. 10d nails will work.
28 Standard drywall screws
8 Pounds of whole kernel corn. If you can't find this stuff, just use normal corn from your local market.
16 A sheet of duck cloth canvas. Enough for 16 7"x7" squares. This is good enough for 8 cornhole bags.
1 Durable thread to sew the bags
Tools Sandpaper, circular saw, jigsaw, drill, various bits, phillips head adapter, hammer, sewing machine.

- How to actually build the Cornhole Boards and Bags -

1) On the sheets of plywood, measure 9 inches down from the top and in the center. A 6 inch diameter hole will be placed here. Draw your circle around this poiunt. Use your jigsaw to cut the circle. Sand the edges.

2) Saw 2 of the 8 foot long 2x4's in half. Now you have a bunch of 4x4 pieces of wood. Cut another one of the 2x4's into 4 pieces. These 4 will be 21 inches in length.

3) Set up your cornhole frames with all the 2x4's. 2 feet by 4 feet for each board. Use the 2 nails at each corner to secure.

4) Place the plywood on top of each. Secure with drywall screws. 4 along top, 4 along bottom. Alsp place a few along the side. Sink the screws in to make sure they are not sticking out.

5) Flip the boards over and cut 4, 12 inch length pieces of wood - these are your legs that will swivel. Round the top of the 2x4 legs so they fit snug under the boards. Screw them in and make sure they can roll in and out of the board. The legs will be attached to the main board using 4" carriage bolts, the washers, and the wingnuts.

6) Bags - The duck canvas should be 7x7 inches. Approximately 1 inch inside the edges, sew the bags nearly shut. Leave enough room to fill the bag with corn and to flip the bags inside out. Flip inside out, fill with corn. 1 pound in each bag. Sew the remaining corner. Double stitch the bag.


The History of Cornhole:
There are really 3 options -
a) Cornhole was invented by Mr. Cornhole in 1973. He liked corn, he loved holes, and he had a bunch of bean bags. He then invented cornhole after finding some extra plywood that was nearby. Thank you Mr. Cornhole.
b) Although some may think that this game originated in Cincinnati, Ohio. There are lots of cornholers in the midwest so it could have been some guy in Ohio. Feel free to email in with the true story of Ohio Cornhole.
c) It is also believed that German immigrants brought this game when they came to the United States. A German farmer, Matthias Kueperman, invented the cornhole back in 1325, as one morning, Matthias was walking around and noticed a group of boys throwing large stones into a hole in the ground. As throwing stones is dangerous, he created a safer game as it cornhole was born.

How to Play Cornhole:

  1. Set up the boards across from one another. Teammates split up and throw with the opponent. Same setup as horseshoes.
  2. Taking turns, each team member will alternate throwing cornhole bags.
  3. In the hole - 3 points. On the board - 1 point.
  4. 'Cancellation rules' apply so only one team can score points per round of 8 throws.
  5. Keep playing until one team scores 21 points to win the game. You CAN'T go over 21. If you do... you go back to 13.

Cornhole strategies:

• There are some strategies such as “aim and pray” or to “toss high” with a drink in your non-tossing hand to act as a counterweight. It also helps to try and taunt your opponent as they are tossing.

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