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90mm Bocce Set - plastic

90mm Bocce Set - plastic
Yellow bocce ball.
Black bocce ball.
Bocce Ball Sizes
Durable carrying case for the bocce set
This could be you!
2 Koozies and 1 Bottle Opener/Tape Measure
90mm Bocce Set - plastic


The coolest bocce set on the market.  Not only will you receive a high quality plastic bocce set with a durable carrying case, but you will also receive 2 koozies so you can keep your drinks cold, AND a bottle opener that is also a tape measure!

Included in the Plastic Bocce Set:
Eight 90mm high quality plastic Bocce Balls (4 Yellow and 4 Black)
Two different designs per color (2 - 4 players)
Durable carrying case for your new bocce ball set
Two The Day of Games koozies
Bottle Opener that is ALSO a Tape Measure
One pallino included
Bocce ball rules

This is the beach bocce ball set you have been looking for.  This is a great gift for fathers day, for your buddies birthday, or just buy one for yourself!  

Play at the beach, the park, some back alley, or wherever you want.  Just play!  If you really enjoy Bocce you should join your local DogDaze Leisure Sports League.

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