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100mm Bocce Set

100mm Bocce Set
Bocce Ball Sizes
Durable carrying case for the bocce set
This could be you!
2 Koozies and 1 Bottle Opener / Tape Measure
100mm Bocce Set


FREE with this order! 2 Koozies and a Bottle Opener Tape Measure! The bocce balls also come with a great durable carrying case.
The coolest bocce set on the market.  Enjoy your bocce game, keep your drinks cold while you play, and you'll have even get a tape measure if things get too competitive (which also acts as a bottle opener!)

Included in the Bocce Ball Set:
Eight (8) 100mm high quality thermo-set composition resin Bocce Balls (4 Yellow and 4 Black)
Two (2) different designs per color (2 - 4 players)
One (1) Durable carrying case for your new bocce ball set
Two (2) The Day of Games Koozies
One (1) Bottle Opener that is ALSO a Tape Measure!
One (1) Pallino included
Bocce ball rules

Ball Weight is approximately: 2lb. 4oz.

This is the manly bocce ball set you have been looking for. In between watching sports and playing drinking games, you should get outside and combine the two.  This is a great gift for fathers day, for your buddies birthday, or just buy one for yourself!  

Play at the beach, the park, some back alley, or wherever you want. You don't even need a bocce ball court, all you need is any open area - grass, sand, or dirt.  Just play!  If you really enjoy Bocce you should join your local DogDaze Leisure Sports League.

This bocce ball set is something you will always want to take with you.  You can play at someones birthday party, bbq, picnic, tailgate, bachelor party, costume party, frat party, or even a small get-together.  Get outside and play some outdoor games.  This set is a great value!  For all the gear you get with this product, it really is cheap compared to the other bocce ball sets you will find. Don't get fooled by all of the other bocce ball products, if your set doesn't have a couple koozies and a bottle opener, then you are not playing with The Day of Games.

If you don't know how to play bocce ball?  Just throw the big ball at the little ball.  It really is that simple!

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