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Always Keep Score & Compete
 What does The Day of Games offer?
  Sign up today for your local DogDaze Leisure Sports League.
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and buy yourself something nice.
  Bocce, Cornhole, Horseshoes, Beer Pong, Stickzee, and much more!

 DogDaze Leisure Sports Leagues?
 The Leagues take place at parks, beaches, and bars in every city. 1 night, 2 hours.
 Most Leagues last 7-weeks. You can sign up with your own team, or join an existing one.

 Different games are played each week. Meet, mingle, compete.

 What is the History to The Day of Games (DOG)?
 The Day of Games is exactly what it sounds like... it is a DAY filled with GAMES.
     DOG is an all-day & all-night party/event.       DOG is filled with various games.

 Teams should be created and a scoring system should be established. has the tools for you to throw a successful DOG.

 Still don't understand? Follow these simple steps:

 STEP 1: Gather a few buddies and prepare to party.
 Get your friends together.  
 Determine a date, send out invites, set up teams.  Decide on team attire.
 If you already have a group together and you are all just sitting there... Go to Step 2.

 Make sure you have some games lying around to play.

 STEP 2: Print an existing or create your own DOG Playlist.

 Click on PLAY! up above.
 Download an existing DOG Playlist or you can create you own.
 Print the Playlist and assign a scorekeeper (youngest, ugliest, smallest, etc.).

 STEP 3: Spend several hours competing.
 Play games, have some drinks, taunt your opponents.

 Play some more games, have additional cocktails, continue with the shit-talking.

 STEP 4: Declare a winning team and an MVD (Most Valuable Dogger).
 Add up all the scores and figure out who has won.
 For your next DOG
you can keep the same teams or mix it up.

 STEP 5: Tell your friends about your DOG.

 Share photos, videos, stories with all.

 STEP 6: Repeat.

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