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Horseshoes Sets
Horseshoe Sets

Horseshoes Leagues

If you would like to join a local Horseshoes League you have come to the right place. The Day of Games offers a Leisure Sports League that features Horseshoes as one of its primary events. Rather than playing horseshoes over and over again, you can play Horseshoes as well as many other fun tossing games. Leagues are currently springing up in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Franciso, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, and New York.

Come play Cornhole, Bocce, Horseshoes, Beersbee, Disc Golf, Ladder Golf, and many more games. Meet Mingle & Compete.

Horseshoes is the latest craze among 20 and 30 somethings who have lost interest with their dodgeball teams and kickball leagues. Pitching horseshoes is the perfect sport to get out of your house, mingle with other young professionals, meet new people, enjoy a few beers, and have a great time. Horseshoes is so simple that everyone can play. Throw horseshoe at stake. It is really that easy.

Leisure Sports Leagues
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Los Angeles Horseshoes
San Diego Horseshoes
San Francisco Horseshoes
Portland Horseshoes
Denver Horseshoes
Dallas Horseshoes
Miami Horseshoes
Chicago Horseshoes
Manhattan Horseshoes

Affordable Horseshoes Sets
End your searching. You can find high quality horseshoe sets here at The Day of Games. Just check out the "Products" link above. Horseshoes is the perfect game to take to the beach or park. These are not only cheap bocce ball sets, but they are also high quality.

Pitching Horseshoes Rules
There are of course complete horseshoe rules that you will not find here. There are also "official horseshoes pitching rules" that you will also not find here since that is just too complicated. Horshoes is a simple game so the rules should be simple as well.

Concept: Toss horseshoe at stake.

Teams: 2

Horseshoes: 4 (2 per team)

Order: You can alternate teams, or throw 2 at a time (which is the official way). Closer is better.

Scoring: All the horseshoes are tossed.
3 points -ringer - U around stake
2 points - leaner - U touching stake
1 point - 6 inches - Within 1 shoe length

Points are scored either for "All Horseshoes" or "Cancellation rules" where only one team can score points. Under horseshoes "cancellation rules" ringers cancel each other out and then points are scored for only 1 team.

Win: FIrst team to (21) wins. This score can be changed to whatever you want... sometimes 11, 16, or 21.

Why Pitch Horseshoes?
It makes your arms stronger. You become more attractive. Horseshoes can later be planted as flowers. The cool kids are doing it. If you throw both horseshoes on the stake you get to yell "Ringer ringer!" Winning is fun. Horseshoes generally involves an upcoming beer.

Horseshoes leagues
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Start working on that perfect horseshoe toss today!

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