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Dropship Program

  - Minimum Order Size - $0
  - Order Processing Fee - $0 (if you would rather email orders instead of using our system, a fee will apply)
  - Discounted Rate - 35% off List price (List price is usually 20% higher than what our Sale price is online)
  - Pricing - MAP pricing. Set prices as high as you like. Minimum prices cannot be cheaper than on our website. This should take into account sales, promotions, or shipping offers, etc.
  - Sales of Items - Items can only be sold on your website. No other websites or stores without prior approval. Please just ask.
  - Returns / Issues - No returns. All shipping problems (damaged goods) or warranty issues will be handled by The Day of Games.  Direct customers to contact us, or you can help facilitate if you like.
  - Shipping - Zip is 92316. We use actual rates from UPS/FedEx plus a few bucks to cover boxes and handling.  It will be your responsibility to charge an accurate shipping rate that best matches up with our rates.  In some extremely rare instances the shipping calculation is inaccurate - this would need to be adjusted before the item ships.
  - Marketing - You can market the products if you like and enter them on Google Product Search and other search engines.
  - Term - You can take down the products at any time (and must notify The Day of Games), The Day of Games can instruct you to take down products at any time.
  - Register now - It is FREE to join.
Please email once you have registered, include your Username.

  - Do you have traffic from people who might be interested in our products? YES
  - Do you already have a successful e-commerce store? YES
  - Do you have any interest making some extra money? YES

  - You Register and then contact us with your website, username, and small introduction.
  - We email you photos of our products and an Excel file with all of our product details.
  - You list items for sale and collect payments from customers.
  - After you collect the money from your customer, you then come to our website and purchase the item at a discounted rate.
  - We ship directly to the customer and you receive all the emails with the purchase confirmation and the tracking details.

  - What if I don't have an e-Commerce website? --  You should check out our Affiliate Network
  - How do I know when an item is out of stock? -- You will be emailed with all product updates.
  - Can I use your logo on our website? --Of course! Email with requests.
  - What if there is a problem with the item? -- All of our products are covered by a warranty. Direct the customer to contact us directly or you can help manage the process if you like. We are always trying to make sure that our customers are happy.
  - What if I want to email in orders? --  We can still work with you, but a fee will need to apply. This strays from our automated process.
  - What if I want to use Invoices instead of pay upfront? --  This only really makes sense if there are many sales happening every single day. Even then, we would rather avoid invoicing since there is a lot of work involved and we don't understand why it is even necessary as you have already received the cash from the customer. Credit card purchasing is simply easier until the sales volume increases dramatically.
  - All other questions... please email

   - SIGN UP is free and takes about 30 seconds.

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