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DogDaze Leisure Sports League
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Marina del Rey Dogdaze
pacific beach, san diego, california

Marina del Rey Dogdaze
marina del rey, los angeles, CA

Marina del Rey Dogdaze
hollywood, los angeles, california

Marina del Rey Dogdaze
the marina, san francisco, CA

Marina del Rey Dogdaze
portland, oregon

Marina del Rey Dogdaze
seattle, washington

Marina del Rey Dogdaze
denver, colorado

Marina del Rey Dogdaze
dallas, texas

Marina del Rey Dogdaze
miami, florida

Marina del Rey Dogdaze
chicago, illinois

Marina del Rey Dogdaze
manhattan, new york

Marina del Rey Dogdaze to
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Find your city and Sign Up TODAY!... actually... first check out your city to the left and make sure the dates and location work for you, then register.

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      Current Schedules

TBD – Bocce
TBD – Horseshoes
TBD – Cornhole
TBD – Polish Horseshoes
TBD – Croquet
TBD – Ladder Toss
TBD – Final Tournament

Games may vary based upon the specific league location.




Standings will be posted once the league begins and updated on a weekly basis.

Photos are coming soon!

Spring Leagues are starting soon. Questions? Email

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