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Marina del Rey Dogdaze
the marina, san francisco, CA

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After much deliberation with former players, leisure sport fanatics, and mutliple focus groups, there are some changes to the Spring Season DogDaze league:
    Later start times!
      Cornhole games upstairs and downstairs!


NEW Spring DOGDAZE League Featuring:
Indoor Cornhole games

What is Cornhole?
Cornhole= Throw the bag into a hole
Video posted down below.

Thurs. Games at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm
7 week league @ the bar: Ireland's 32

2011 Spring League Details
Play at the bar!
Start Date: TBD (Thursdays)
Season is 7 weeks long.
Cost: $49.99 per person
(Free T-shirt and Bar specials, must be 21 yrs old)

Location of Games: Ireland's 32

You can SIGN UP SOLO or with a Complete team of at least 4.
 If you want to have more than 4 on your team, feel free. Each team gets 1 hr of play per night.

This is a "fun" league and not some professional cornhole league. We are meeting up each week to have a good time, although we will be keeping scores and the winning team WILL get a prize at the end of the season.

Any other questions? Please email

Where? Ireland's 32!
Ireland's 32 Map San Francisco

Some random pics... (see more on the Fbook page)
Indoor Bocce

Ladder Golf DogDaze

beer pong the day of games

horseshoes the day of games

dogdaze sf

bocce ball san francisco


  Spring 2011 Schedule

WEDNESDAY NIGHT Schedule, Scores, Pics!

THURSDAY NIGHT Schedule, Scores, Pics!

Ireland's 32 Indoor Fun

TBD 28 – Cornhole

TBD 5 – Cornhole
TBD 12 – Cornhole
TBD 19 – Cornhole
TBD 26 – Cornhole
TBD 2– Cornhole
TBD 9 – Cornhole

Team Scheduling
Each team will play for 1 hour.
Games will take place either at
7pm, 8pm, or 9pm.
The complete schedule will be posted as the start date nears.

Why join?
First off... EVERYONE can play these games! NO skill required. All you need to do is hold a beer with one hand, and then throw something at another thing with the other. Secondly, throwing things at other things is really fun.
Lastly, you want to meet new people or hang out with friends in a beer-friendly environment.
You also get a FREE T-Shirt!

How does it work?
Enjoy some recreational and social cornhole playing. Just show up before your match starts. Play up to 3 games. All games count.

2011 Spring Standings
Wins and Losses will be tracked.
Winning team gets a PRIZE.

Can't make this season?
 Go here to be contacted  about upcoming events!


         MORE Photos
Check the Fbook Page!

Spring League is about to start! Click Register up above.
Email questions to

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