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DogDaze Leisure Sports League
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Marina del Rey Dogdaze
marina del rey, los angeles, CA

Marina del Rey Dogdaze to
start/ join a Leisure Sports League near you

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  Location: The Beach in Marina del Rey (Driftwood & Oceanfront Walk)
  Game times: 6:45pm
  7-week league

Sign up NOW! - solo, or with a team, or with a buddy
  - League may sell out, so sign up sooner rather than later.
  - Teams of at least 5 are an ideal #, since many people can't make it every week.
  - If you want to secure a complete team for you and buddies, you must have at least 4.
  - Just you and a friend? That's OK! You will be placed on a team with others.

  - Just you? That's OK too! You will be placed on a team with others.

Bocce and Cornhole games

What is Bocce? What is Cornhole?
Bocce= Toss the big ball at the little ball
Cornhole= Throw the bag into a hole

2011 DogDaze Summer Details
 Play at the bar! Drink in hand!
 Start Date: June 22nd
 Season is 7 weeks long.
 Cost: $49.99 per person
   (includes Free T-shirt and Bar specials, must be 21 yrs old)

 Location of DogDaze League: TBD

You can SIGN UP SOLO or with a Complete team of at least 4.
 If you want to have more than 4 on your team, feel free. Each team gets 1 hour of play per night.

This is a "fun" league and not some professional cornhole or bocce league. We are meeting up each week to have a good time, although we will be keeping scores and the winning team WILL get a prize at the end of the season.DogDaze LA Group Shot

Any other questions? Please email

OLD Marina Del Rey DogDaze News and Notes:

The 2010 DogDaze MDR Beach League was a blast. The weather was good and the games were solid. Here are some shots from last years awesomeness:
Week 1 Photos
Week 2 Photos
Week 3/4 Photos
Week 5 Photos
Week 6 Photos

Is there anything better than playing some random Beach Sports while waiting for the sunset? First enjoy some games like Bocce, Horseshoes, and Cornhole... then head to the bar!

DogDaze Marina del Rey Team Shot

Cornhole Boards Los Angeles

DogDaze Bar

Beach Bocce Los Angeles

Cornhole Bags Los Angeles

2009 DogDaze Summer Beach League Champions!
Congrats to Team Kansas who won the 2009 Marina del Rey DogDaze Summer League. They started strong and never looked back as they maintained their lead throughout the entire season.
The Day of Games Marina Del Rey Champions


  Summer League
  June 22 – Cornhole/Bocce

  June 29 – Cornhole/Bocce
  July 6 – Cornhole/Bocce
  July 13 – Cornhole/Bocce
  July 20 – Cornhole/Bocce
  July 27 – Cornhole/Bocce
  Aug 3 – Cornhole/Bocce

Team Scheduling
Each team will play for 1 hour. Games will start at 6:45pm.
You'll play Bocce and/or Cornhole each week and maybe even some other Leisure Sports!

Why join?
First off... EVERYONE can play these games! NO skill requiredSecondly, throwing things at other things is really fun.
Lastly, you want to meet new people or hang out with friends in a beer-friendly environment.
You also get a FREE T-Shirt!

How does it work?
Your team will either play Bocce or Cornhole (or both.. its TBD) each week based on the schedule. Play will take place on the sand. The games will be best of 3. If you run out of time before the time ends then whichever team is ahead, will win.

2011 Summer Standings
Wins and Losses will be tracked.
Winning team gets a PRIZE.

Can't make this season?
 Go here to be contacted  about upcoming events!

    Upcoming Leagues


Check the Fbook Page!

Register above. Or click here in order to stay tuned about upcoming leagues - The List -
Email questions to











Old Stuff...
2010 Spring Standings

Team                      Points:
1. Team Bad-Ass             11.0
2. Don't Tase Me Bro        8.5
3. Wild Stallions               7.0
4. Top Kill                        6.5
5. Down Dirty                  6.0
6.TW                                3.5
7. Team Awesome            3.0
7. Lady Luck                    3.0
7. Westbound N Down      3.0
10. Witch Team                2.0
11. Sassy & Classy           1.0
11. Brew Crew                 1.0

 2009 Summer Standings

Team Name
Bungalow H
Pound Town
Multple Scoregasms
Team Wang

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