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Day of Games Crew - This is us
About Us -
The Day of Games Crew
Current - The Day of Games - 2014
Based in California, we have spent the past decade on the beach honing our Leisure Sports skills. With the amount of fun we were having we felt obligated to share with the world. The Day of Games is looking to supply you with all sorts of Leisure Sports Apparel, Leagues, Products, and Event Planning Tools. The games are here, the leagues are here, and now... you are here. Enjoy!

In 2009 we launched our product line and currently sell leisure sports & tailgate games throughout North America. Our warehouses are located in San Diego and Los Angeles, California.

Interested in carrying our brand?
Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss supplying your retail store or online marketplace.

DogDaze Leisure Sports Leagues - 2011+
Los Angeles and San Diego were the first cities to host
DogDaze Leisure Sports Leagues. The DogDaze of Summer began in 2009 on the beaches of Marina del Rey (LA) and Pacific Beach (SD). After the first summer out on the sand it became apparent that everyone loves Leisure Sports and the leagues need to expand ASAP! Fall and Spring Leagues will be in a city near you, in a park near you, or in a bar near you. If interested to hear more... email us! -
We are currently looking to expand

History - The Day of Games - 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
The Day of Games began in September 2006 when a group of buddies from Southern California decided that a standard afternoon filled with bbq, the beach and leisure sports just wasn't enough. This group of individuals didn't grow up playing games 'just for fun', something as simple as throwing away a piece of paper became a game of horse. No different than any other group of friends, everything was a contest.

Teams were created, uniforms decided upon, a schedule was established, a trophy was purchased, rules were posted, beers were brought.  The Day of Games was born.

From 9am to midnight the two teams would compete against each other. Bocce, cornhole, horseshoes, beer pong, quarters, ultimate frisbee, the triple jump, darts, hackey sack, over the line, footraces, pacman, poker, relay events, and much more. At the end of the Day of Games the scores were tallied and one team was declared victorious.  Given the competitive nature of the group, this still wasn't enough.  A true champion needed to be chosen.  Voting took place and a Most Valuable Gamer was declared.  DOG-1 was a complete success.

The Day of Games has expanded from a small get-together with friends, into a national brand!

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